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What's the best entertainment today? Movies! They're one of the best art forms and we all enjoy watching them: from family dramas, romantic comedies to action flicks and sci-fi blockbusters! Check out our comprehensive list of celebrity Instagram names who have snaps about movies!

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Movies are a great way to have fun, forget about daily troubles for a couple of hours, and be transported into someone else's world! They are an artistic mirror that reveals our own inner desires and needs, and shows us the lives of other people, real or imaginary. Movies are the medium of modern world's storytellers, and it's no wonder that so many people are broadcasting posts about movies, analyzing them, criticizing them or just enjoying the funny and good bits on Instagram!

Your interest in movies might be just a superficial one, or you're a true cinematic connoisseur who loves to watch artistic dramas who reveal the darkest side of human nature. It's okay if you love romantic comedies which make you laugh; or lighthearted family movies which you can watch with you loved ones. You might prefer big budget action movies, or summer blockbusters with aliens, monsters, superheroes or war dramas; your forte might be a good biopic, neo-noir or a dark comedy. Whatever your interest is, you will surely find some great posts thanks to these celebrity Instagram accounts! Check them out and have a great time enjoying in the best posts related to movie world and the world of acting, cinema and beyond!