IG Discover - the Number One Resource for Instagram users

Although you can learn a lot about your favorite celeb on the TV, it's not exactly going to give you much info on what a famous person does when it comes to their personal life. This is why Instagram Discover was created - to give you a better insight into the lives of your favourite celebrities.


Although Instagram has been around for quite some time and is arguably the most popular app for sharing photos and short videos, we can't say that it was always the best tool for seeing into the lives of Hollywood (or any other kind of) celebrities. You can post pics, upload videos and share stories from your life, but as far as celebs go, there wasn't really a way you could easily find them on Instagram or know for sure that a profile was legitimately owned by a celebrity.

But all that is about to change, thanks to IG Discover. Finding famous people on Instagram has never been easier and more reliable, thanks to our website's search tools for different categories. Here you will find most famous people's Instagram usernames, regardless of the type of work they're famous for.

For example, it doesn't take much to get from IG Discover's main page to the list of some of Instagram's most popular musicians, fashion icons, politicians, artists, or even athletes. Once you find a main category of celebrities you prefer, you'll be presented with a whole new set of sub-categories so you can narrow you search as much as possible.

Once you find your favorite celebrity (which doesn't take more than a few clicks), you'll be able to follow them on Instagram, or to check out their other social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter and more. Another benefit of using IG Discover to find the most popular Instagram accounts is that once you get to a celeb you like, you'll also be able to see similar celebrity accounts, which makes your search that much easier.

All in all, IG Discover just made finding celebs on Instagram very easy. Nothing but a few clicks separate you from discovering the Instagram profiles of all those famous people we all know and love.